Why Superbagnères?  This is one you need to see for yourself from the seat of a road bike. It’s a classic of Pyrenean climbing that starts barely a half mile from our hotel and rises to the Superbagnères Ski Resort. The first half is steady work of medium intensity with several river crossings in a very lush gorge, and the second half is all about switchbacks and views of amazing, distant mountain peaks. The top of Superbagnères can be seen from the valley below, it has hosted the finish line of six Tour de France stages since 1961, and the views from the mountaintop ski area are spectacular!

How far and how high is it?  The Superbagnères ride is actually not that long, only about 37 kilometers round trip, or 23 miles, but as soon as we reach the outskirts of town, which won’t take long, we start climbing. The complete elevation gain is just about 1200 meters, and the average grade is 6.3%.  Check out the profile below.

Who can do it?  Going it alone on Superbagnères would be a tough day in the saddle for many cyclists. However, with friends, a picnic, snacks along the way, stopping for a few pictures, a guide (who might help with a little push for those in need), and a support vehicle at the ready, the climb becomes completely manageable. It’s Super in the sense that the peak is situated above Luchon, and it’s an awe-inspiring climb! Getting to the top, one way or another, is worth a team effort, and we will make it happen together.

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