Valley Tour

Why a Valley Tour?  It’s a flat, fun ride we’ll use to check your bike fit, get your legs loosened after travel, and build a general sense of direction. In addition, Bagnères-de-Luchon is a remarkable hamlet worth close scrutiny on foot or by bike, and the small, neighboring villages of Saint-Mamet, Montauban-de-Luchon, Juzet-de-Luchon, Antignac and Moustajon each have sights for quick inspection. Saint-Mamet, for example, is the landing field for our descent from Spain, it’s our runway for take-off to Superbagnères, and also plays host to bocce night! Momentarily dismounting in Juzet-de-Luchon, followed by a very short hike (wearing street shoes conveniently stowed in our support vehicle), yields a treasure of a waterfall!

Who can do it?  Anyone who hasn’t missed his/her flight to Toulouse!

How far and how high is it?  The valley loop is about 10 miles around, we’ll ride it twice on the day you arrive, in opposite directions, and we’ll point out several pertinent landmarks. Bagnères-de-Luchon lies at an altitude of approximately 600 meters. Check it out below on Ride with GPS…

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